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CHILE: Environmental Delays Raise Electricity Costs, Says Gov’t
The Chilean government claims that delays in the installation of power lines due to legal proceedings and obstacles to the issuing of environmental permits will keep electricity prices high until at least 2016.
CUBA: Livestock Raising Adapted to Climate Change
A change in forage crops and the search for new sources of water are among the climate change adaptation measures implemented as part of an initiative undertaken by eight cattle farming cooperatives in Camagüey, 534 km from the Cuban capital.
BRAZIL: More Research Needed on Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity
Only six percent of research on climate change and biodiversity conducted worldwide since 1990 addresses the impacts of these changes on biodiversity in Brazil, according to a literature review carried out by the Boticário Group Foundation.
VENEZUELA: First Eco-Municipality
Rómulo Gallegos, a municipality in the southwestern plains of Venezuela where cattle ranching is an economic mainstay, has become the first of the country’s 333 municipalities to adopt legislation on ecologically oriented land management.
BRAZIL: CO2 Emissions from Amazon Construction Timber Calculated
Every cubic meter of wood extracted from the Amazon and prepared for use in construction releases between 6.5 and 24.9 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), from the time the trees are cut down until their final transportation to the market in the former of boards, panels and other timber products.
ARGENTINA : Insufficient Protection Against Chemical and Nuclear Accidents
Environmental organizations are carefully monitoring the consequences of a toxic cloud that spread over downtown Buenos Aires on Dec. 6, and have warned of a lack of preparation to deal with a major chemical disaster.
HONDURAS: Environmentalists Will Manage Protected Areas
Beginning in 2013, seven protected areas in Honduras will be managed by seven environmental organizations, who will be officially responsible for their protection.
MEXICO: Resources Demanded to Confront Climate Change
Environmental organizations are calling for an adequate budget for the mitigation of climate change and adaptation to its impacts.
BRAZIL: Researchers Preserve Genes of Threatened Amazon Monkeys
Researchers at the Federal University of Pará in Brazil are collecting and storing genetic material from monkeys in the genus Saimiri, commonly known as squirrel monkeys, to prevent the extinction of a sub-species endemic to the Amazon rainforest.
HONDURAS: In Search of Greater Transparency in the Extractive Industries
The World Bank will be advising Honduras on the requirements to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).
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