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A family farm in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with a crop system adapted to the local impacts of climate change
Crédito: Fabiola Ortiz/IPS
New Initiative Aims to Integrate Agriculture and Conservation
By Fabíola Ortiz
Prestigious scientists and leaders of organisations devoted to biodiversity conservation have launched an initiative to promote a new approach to agriculture.
A demonstration against the reopening of the highway in Iguaçu National Park. Credit:
Crédito: Courtesy of SOS Mata Atlântica
Proposed Highway Through National Park Sparks Protest in Brazil
By Alice Marcondes
Plans to reopen a road that would allow tourists to reach world-famous Iguazu Falls without going through neighbouring Argentina have ignited a new conflict between environmentalists and authorities in Brazil.
Esperanza copper mine
Crédito: David Pasten/Tierramérica
Mining Industry Plans Massive Use of Seawater in Arid Northern Chile
By Marianela Jarroud
By 2022 the private sector will have invested 10 billion dollars in 16 new seawater desalination plants in Chile.
Soy plantation in Não-Me-Toque, in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.
Crédito: Nilson Konrad/IPS
A Decade of Legal GM Soy in Brazil
By Fabíola Ortiz
GMOs are steadily advancing in Brazil, where transgenic crop varieties produced by multinational corporations grow alongside others developed nationally.
Holstein cows in a feedlot.
Crédito: Bigstock
Thou Shalt Not Eat Meat… On Mondays At Least
By Emilio Godoy
The Meatless Monday movement aims to change eating habits to help combat the alarmingly high rates of obesity in Mexico
Biofortified food crops growing in a municipal garden in Itaguaí.
Crédito: EMBRAPA
Brazil Develops “Superfoods” to Fight Hidden Hunger
By Fabíola Ortiz
Brazil is developing eight staple food crops with a significantly higher content of various essential micronutrients.
Women carrying bananas in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua. Credit:
Crédito: Germán Miranda/IPS
Caribbean Banana Growers Face Dilemma of Organic Production vs. Disease Control
By Julio Godoy
There is no single solution for black sigatoka, the most destructive and costly of banana diseases.
The University of Alicante course “Researching Biodiversity: Present and Future” ended in May with a tasting of edible worms and arachnids.
Crédito: Courtesy of the University of Alicante/Jesús Ordoñez
Edible Insect Market Hindered by Legal and Cultural Barriers in Spain
By Inés Benítez
The sale and consumption of insects – which could help to alleviate world hunger, according to FAO – lack adequate regulation in Spain and most other European countries.
The sharp curves in the course of the Guaire River after it leaves Caracas increase the risk of flooding during sudden heavy rains.
Crédito: Humberto Márquez/IPS
VENEZUELA: Flood Risks Increased by “New Rains” Linked to Climate Change
By Humberto Márquez
Sudden torrential rains, a phenomenon associated with climate change, cause a heightened risk of flooding and landslides in the densely populated communities on the outskirts of Caracas.
After washing clothes in the ditch that runs alongside the railway, Ana Rosa Figueras crosses the tracks carrying her wet laundry home.
Crédito: Álvaro Pardo - Colombia Punto Medio/IPS
When the Train Passes, But Never Arrives
By Constanza Vieira
The continuous transport of coal for export through northern Colombia offers little more than dust and noise to the rural communities who watch the trains pass by.
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