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One of the organic waste collection bins distributed to New York households. Credit:
Crédito: Kim-Jenna Jurriaans/Tierramérica
New York Wants your Potato Peels
By Kim-Jenna Jurriaans
The mandatory organic waste collection and recycling programme planned for New York will drastically reduce both the amount of trash sent to landfills and the associated costs.
Residents of Port of Spain make their way down flooded streets.
Crédito: Desmond Brown/IPS
Civil Society Pushes for More Active Participation in Green Climate Fund
By Emilio Godoy
The Green Climate Fund has been opened up to observers, but civil society representatives want to play a bigger role
Panoramic view of a neighbourhood in southern Mexico City, with buildings semi-hidden by air pollution.
Crédito: Emilio Godoy/IPS
Effective Monitoring Urgently Needed to Fight Air Pollution in Mexican Cities
By Emilio Godoy
The urgent task of reducing dangerous levels of air pollution in large urban centres cannot be achieved without proper monitoring and measurement of air quality.
Rainforest in the southeastern Mexican state of Campeche
Crédito: Emilio Godoy/IPS
Measuring CO2 in Green Ecosystems of the Mexican Caribbean
By Emilio Godoy
The role of forest ecosystems as carbon sinks is the subject of targeted research in southeast Mexico
A healthy, delicious dish featuring a “misfit” carrot.
Crédito: Courtesy of Culinary Misfits
Rescuing “Misfit” Vegetables and Other Ways to Fight Food Waste
By Julio Godoy
Cooking with vegetables that are perfectly healthy but do not meet the appearance standards of supermarkets is one of many ways to reduce the alarming rates of food waste.
Indigenous students learning to operate equipment at a communications workshop.
Crédito: Courtesy of PCSAN/Daniela Silva
Indigenous Brazilians Learn to Fight for the Right to Food
By Clarinha Glock
The lack of prospects for Ticuna and Kokama indigenous youth in the far northwest of Brazil led to high rates of alcoholism and suicide
Logging is one of the main threats in the southern area of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve.
Crédito: José Garth Medina/IPS
Indigenous Nicaraguans Fight to the Death for Their Last Forest
By José Adán Silva
Indigenous communities in northern Nicaragua are demanding that the authorities take urgent action to halt the attacks on their lives and territory by illegal invaders.
A Huaorani man armed with traditional spears and his wife and children welcome a group of tourists to the community of Tigüino, located within Yasuní National Park.
Crédito: Eduardo Valenzuela G/IPS
Ecuador’s Indigenous People Still Waiting to Be Consulted
By Ángela Meléndez
A bill addressing prior consultation with indigenous peoples on legislative measures remains tied up in Ecuador’s National Assembly.
A woman prepares corn tortillas on a fuel-efficient wood stove
Crédito: Courtesy of Ecoders
Carbon Credits Could Finance Improved Cookstoves in Mexico
By Emilio Godoy
One of the numerous initiatives to promote fuel-efficient, low-carbon wood-fired cookstoves aims to be the second in the world financed with carbon credits.
Jordi Muñoz began building drones as a hobby in 2007 and is now a founding partner of a fast-growing company in the field.
Crédito: Courtesy of Jordi Muñoz
Mexicans Develop Drones for Peace
By Emilio Godoy
Mexican engineers have begun to work on developing unmanned aerial vehicles for scientific and commercial uses.
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