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Food Security in Times of Crisis
By Alan Bojanic *
Prospects for grain harvests in 2012 have worsened in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Central America, reports Alan Bojanic, interim FAO representative in Latin America and the Caribbean, in this column.

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After Durban, Latin America Looks Towards Rio+20
By Ede Ijjasz-Vásquez*
The upcoming summit in Rio de Janeiro presents an opportunity to reach agreements that can prevent the world from passing the point of no return in the unsustainable use of natural resources.

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Facing Peak Oil and Peak Gas: In Search of the Least Evil
By Risto Isomaki*
The use of new technologies to extract previously inaccessible hydrocarbons from the bowels of the Earth could ultimately lead to an ecological nightmare.

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The future of carbon markets: Taking politics seriously
By Peter Newell *
Strong rewards are needed for those businesses that are willing to invest in a low carbon future.

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A Rio+20 Activist Manifesto and Action Plan
By Bhaskar Menon *
If civil society activists create their own action plan to save the planet, there would be no need for governments to negotiate common standards for nations and communities widely unequal in wealth and technical capacity.

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The Dangerously High Cost of Amazon Beef
By João Meirelles and María José Barney González
A delicious 500-gram Amazonian beef steak produced with 7,000 grams of carbon dioxide and 7,000 liters of water, mixed with belched methane, is the ideal recipe for climate change.

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After Peak Oil, Peak Globalization
By Gunter Pauli *
The reality of a globalized economy seems to be that poverty is its only sustainable phenomenon, says entrepreneur Gunter Pauli in this column.

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JAPAN: Responding Creatively to Crisis
By Daisaku Ikeda *
The rethinking of energy issues in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster will give rise to a new current in human history, says Japanese Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda in this column.

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Algae: Could a Primeval Plant Become a Future Fuel, Food, and Bio-Plastic?
By Mark Sommer *
Algae are rapidly gaining traction in the private sector and academia as their potential becomes clear.

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How Safe Is Nuclear Power?
By Dietrich Fischer *
If insurance companies are unwilling to risk their money insuring against nuclear accidents, why should people be forced to risk their lives?, writes Dietrich Fischer, author of "Nonmilitary Aspects of Security" and "Preventing War in the Nuclear Age."
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